STARK® is a product brand of STARK GmbH based in Straubing. STARK GmbH is a medium-sized company that operates absolutely independently of banks and corporations. The entire production facilities, stock and receivables are financed with the company's own resources. As a result, decision-making processes are independent and fast.

STARK GmbH has over 4,200 sqm of production and storage space at its Straubing locations, 500 sqm of modern office space and around 1,000 sqm of open space for efficient truck loading and unloading. Production capacities guarantee punctual delivery, whether for individual pallets or for large promotions with 500 or more pallets. Extensive product tests, goods movement certificates, safety data sheets, Fresenius tests, material tests and continuous production controls are the key to our success - the significant Dekra test seals are a testament to our quality.

The production department works hand in hand with our own research and development department. The most recent technologies and customer requirements are implemented quickly and efficiently. The excellent customer benefits of our products are also confirmed by Dekra's top ratings. This provides security, trust and ultimately costumersatisfaction.