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What has gone unnoticed by many is the fact that screen protectors have in recent years evolved to become a bestseller. With growth rates of over 50% per year, we today produce several million units per year for most brand providers. Our goal is to crack the mark of 10 million units per year, in 2015/2016. Regardless of whether it involves cell phones, smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, cameras, game consoles or other, we can produce any size. The majority of the protectors are produced on modern laser systems.
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Special fi lms are however also produced on cutting plotters or punching machines. Our pattern system is extended by up to 10 models
on a daily basis, so that our customers have access to thousands of contours..

We in the case of new models usually already have the protective films ready for shipment, weeks before the launch of the device itself. Two colleagues are focused exclusively on the creation of contours and are constantly in touch with the manufacturers and distributors. The production is carried out continuously in two work shifts..