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Vehicle High Gloss Polish

The STARK® Vehicle High Gloss Polish is an emulsion based solvent-free high-tech care. It contains natural carnauba wax and cleaning supportive polishing body. The STARK® Vehicle High Gloss Polish provides long lasting weather protection and high gloss along with an easy application.

  • 500ml bottle

Cockpit Care

The STARK® Cockpit Care convinces with deep cleansing power and a long-lasting colour restoration on all cockpit surfaces. The STARK® Cockpit Care is in addition to plastic, rubber and vinyl, also excellently suited for lacquered aluminium, carbon or burl wood.

• 500ml Cockpit Cleaner in pump spray bottle
• childlock

Insect Remover

The STARK® Insect Remover is a care product with an extremely high effect in the case of very stubborn insect residues and contaminants. Thanks to its ef cient and compatible formula the STARK® Insect Remover is also excellently suited for sensitive and high-quality surfaces (such as paint or polycarbonate headlights).

• 500ml Insect Remover in pump spray bottle
• childlock

Wheel & Plastics Cleaning

The STARK® Wheel & Plastics Cleaning Kit cleans and takes gentle and effective care of your tyres and all rubber and unpainted plastic parts in the exterior of your vehicle. The colours are refreshed and protected against all climatic in uences.
In the case of regular use, the treated surfaces regain their new matte appearance, without the usual annoying and unnatural high gloss effect. In addition, rubber seals are protected from
cracking and premature aging and UV protection also reduces the colour fading of unpainted plastic parts.

• 500ml Wheel & Plastics Cleaner pump spray bottle
• childlock

Glass Cleaner

The STARK® Glass Cleaner is suitable for all viewing windows in the vehicle.

  • 500ml glass cleaner in pump spray bottle
  • child lock

Rim Cleaner

The STARK® Rim Cleaner is an acid-free care product with high cleaning performance even in the case of very stubborn soiling and burned-on brake dust. Thanks to its ef cient and compatible formula, the STARK® Rim Cleaner is excellently suited for polished, anodised or lacquered aluminium rims.

  • 500ml Rim Cleaner in pump spray bottle
  • child lock

Glass Cleaner

The STARK® Glass Cleaner is suitable for all viewing windows in the vehicle.

  • 500ml bottle

Glass Coating

The STARK® Glass Coating Kit provides the glass with an invisible, water-repellent layer that repels rain and sleet. The droplets that are thereby formed are easily blown away by the wind.
An application to the inner surfaces of the panes can signi cantly improve visibility during night driving.

  • 100ml glass coating in pump spray bottle